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Found 204 results

  1. Description: Plana by Kris Jay Compatible with iOS 9 and Anemone only! Theme includes: Icons, CC, AE's, Page Dots, Docks, Zeppelins, Statusbars. Theirs Alts in there with more to come, updates will be every Sunday so if you need something make sure you get it to me at the begining of the week Recent changes: - Added new Docks - Added AE - Added 2 statusbar themes - Added Page Dots - More Download [Hidden Content]
  2. Description: I present to you my new theme "Urbano" What's included: Cc themed Statusbar x2 Alts 1 dock Settings theme UI sounds Zeppelin 2 Alt Badges 2x AE 1 Folder theme Recent Changes: - Added dock - Added AE's - Added Zeppelin - Added 2 alt badges - Added folder theme Download [Hidden Content]
  3. Description: Back once again after a short time with another theme called N U.E R A. Compatible with Anemone and Winterboard with IconBundles Was going to wait some time till release but seen as the new 9.3.3 Jailbrake has landed i though i would release now to celebrate. As you can see by the Screens its a flat theme, you get many options blah blah blah 4 Docks pictured in the screenshots 2 Progress Screens Zeppelin Statusbar Settings are themed CC Is themed Fonts Few alts but they will grow Changes: - Added icons - Added fonts Download [Hidden Content]
  4. Description: Virtual Flat Theme (Beta) Virtual Flat is mostly V2 icons, concepts done in a flat style with a few V1 icons thrown in there. Each icon has been redone from scratch & gives the springboard a whole new look. New status bar theme done by OrangeFreddie. Yêu cầu: Chỉ dành riêng cho Anemone Download [Hidden Content]
  5. I decided to present this theme separate. It's a complete theme. -Icons -UI sounds -Colors -badges -wallpaper -control center -ANEMONE SUPPORT ONLY {In order to get the settings icons to disappear like mine you MUST have flex 2 installed...Once installed go to cloud>settings>(no table cell icons) enable it and quit the settings app from the app switcher} Thank you all for your support and patience Download [Hidden Content]
  6. Description: 7r a.k.a Trident reborn by @mpiregraphix Compatible with Anemone and Winterboard with IconBundles. This theme includes: - Main theme/icons. - Alt theme (enable with and put above main theme). - Statusbar. - AnemoneEffect. Download [Hidden Content]
  7. Description: Welcome to Virtual 2 Cream. V2 Cream is a white concept with the detail of V2. A lot of icons have been reworked to fit this new look, this was not just an easy cosmetic change. Well enough talking, I will let the screenshots speak for themselves. Special thanks to OrangeFreddie, Attair, RKO1195 & Judreamdesign Thank you for supporting my work!. Yêu cầu: Anemone Download [Hidden Content]
  8. Description: EOS by @mpiregraphix. Chỉ hoạt động với Anemone. Download [Hidden Content]
  9. Description: Welcome to Virtual 2 Black. V2B is a dark concept with the detail of V2. A lot of icons have been reworked to fit this new look, this was not just an easy cosmetic change. Well enough talking, I will let the screenshots speak for themselves. Special thanks to OrangeFreddie, Attair, RKO1195 & Judreamdesign Thank you for supporting my work!. Yêu cầu: Anemone iWidget: com.v2b.iwidget1_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb com.v2b.iwidget2_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb Download [Hidden Content]
  10. Download: [Hidden Content]
  11. Description: Karma features: 190+ icons. Control center icons. Settings icons. Status bar icons. UI messages. Wallpapers coming soon. Karma is fully compatible with: iOS 9. iOS 8. iOS 7. iPhone 7. iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 6s. iPhone 6s Plus. iPhone 6. iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone SE. iPhone 5s. iPhone 5c. iPhone 5. iPhone 4s. iPod touch 6th generation. iPod touch 5th generation. Karma requires: Anemone – a full theming solution. Download [Hidden Content]
  12. Description: iOS9 theme for Anemone. Contents: Zen 9 Black/Blue (Main Theme over 460 icons) Zen 9 Black/Blue Settings (Settings Colors) Zen 9 Black/Blue Global (App Colors) Zen 9 Black/Blue SMS Bubbles (Bubbles for MessagesCustomiser) Zen 9 Black Labels (Icon Labels) Zen 9 Blue Labels (Icon Labels) Zen 9 White Labels (Icon Labels) Zen 9 Blurred Dock (Dock) Zen 9 Mini Dock (Dock) Zen 9 Black Border (IconEffect) Zen 9 Black Circle (IconEffect) Zen 9 Black Cover (IconEffect) Zen 9 Black Folder (IconEffect) Zen 9 Black Gradient (IconEffect) Zen 9 Black Inner (IconEffect) Zen 9 Black Shaded (IconEffect) Zen 9 Black Shine (IconEffect) Zen 9 Black Split (IconEffect) Zen 9 Black Square (IconEffect) Download [Hidden Content]
  13. Đây là một theme rất đẹp do bạn Võ Thị Mỹ Như bên nhóm IOS-THEMES (chia sẻ THEMES) convert từ theme của điện thoại Xiaomi sang cho iOS. Yêu cầu máy Jailbreak cài tweak Anemone, tải về giải nén copy to Library/Theme Theme bao gồm: 1 Main theme , keypad , statusbar , icon loading apps và cydia , âm thanh thông báo apps , kết nối khi sạc pin , chụp ảnh , nhận tin nhắn... , theme setting style dark gold , ẩn icons setting thì cài tweak CircleIcon Download: Mate DaRk Theme.zip
  14. Description: Bright and vibrant glyph theme with icons, status bar, control center, and media control themes. Compatible with iOS 8,9 and 10. Anemone only! Download [Hidden Content]
  15. Description: Genesis theme created by @bulldog5278 A very nice theme available in 2 different colors with lots of add-ons. Compatible with Anemone only! Included in this theme: - Genesis main red theme - Genesis green mod - 1 dock - 2 badges - 1 statusbar - 10 AnemoneEffects Download [Hidden Content]
  16. Description: Pontuz theme created by Nou90. Hoạt động với cả Anemone và Winterboard (cần thêm IconBundles). What's included in this theme: - Approximately 185 apps themed. (With an additional 104 alt/more icons in /Library/Themes/More.icons) - 3 statusbar themes. - 1 badge. - 6 AnemoneEffects/Iconomatics. - 2 docks. - 6 iWidgets. Wallpapers: Wallpaper.zip Download: [Hidden Content]
  17. Description: Dùng Anemone để cho hiệu quả tốt nhất Download [Hidden Content]
  18. Description: M3DU5A by the very talented @mpiregraphix! Compatible with Anemone only! Recent Changes: - 3 new docks. - 2 new ALT folder BG's. Download [Hidden Content]
  19. Download [Hidden Content]
  20. Description: Here's Sanity. ANEMONE ONLY. 3 Themes in 1. Coloured Edition. Black Edition. White Edition. Docks, AEs, Statusbar, CC, Settings, Badges. Download: [Hidden Content]
  21. Description: DarkNight theme by @SynchronizerD This theme only works with Anemone! This theme includes: - Icons - 1 dock - 4 AnemoneEffects - 4 badges - 1 folder theme - Settings icons - UI - Zeppelin - iWidget - Lockscreen theme (LockHTML folder) Enjoy Download [Hidden Content]
  22. Description: This is the full version of my theme Kecil. This download will include three versions of the theme, each with over 150 icons, and more to come. - One glyphs theme - One light theme - One dark theme - Status Bar theme - One colored theme with reduced glyph sized. - Control Center Theme - Settings icons - Passcode Theme Compatible with iOS 8, 9 & 10. Anemone and Winterboard! Recent changes: - Fixed issues with iOS 10 CC. Download [Hidden Content]
  23. Description: Cosmic icons created by Solarium and ported to iOS by Lunatic. 174 icons themed using -large method. (Anemone only!) There's an ALT folder located in /Library/Themes/Cosmic icons.theme with over 1200 icons. Compatible with iOS 9 and Anemone!. Download Cosmic_for_iOS.deb
  24. Description: Ace N là một theme khá lạ mắt, thiết kế độc đáo. Hoạt động với iPhone 7, 7+ trên IOS 10. Recent changes: - 1.1: Fixed some issues - 1.0: Initial release Download [Hidden Content]
  25. Description: Skeuo iPhone Theme. The Wait is over! Skeuo is designed in a skeuomorphic style with many handcrafted icons with rich detail and fresh metaphors. Feel the nostalgia & make your iPhone great again! All retina iPhones from iOS 8 to iOS 10.2 are supported. Skeuo comes with all stock -apps as well as the most used 3rd party Appstore & Cydia apps. Several Icons even iclude Alternatives. Moreover you‘ll get a Badge, an iWidget, 3 Docks, Effects for Anemone, Sounds & some Zeppelin Logos Use Anemone for the best user experience. Winterboard is not fully supported! Needs iWidget and Zeppelin from Cydia (optional).. More Icons and Stuff will come in further updates! Stay tuned! I hope you like it. Download [Hidden Content]